Avo and Smoothies

Treating ourselves to smoothies on Sunday morning was definitely the smooth start we both needed (pun intended).


We decided to tick Liquefy Juice Co. off our never-ending bucket list of things to eat in Brisbane. This little health cafe squeezed in amongst the busy restaurants and eclectic boutiques that make up the hub of Latrobe Terrace was just what we imagined.

FullSizeRender(11) copy 2

To be honest with you all, we are not particularly adventurous with our drink choices. It was something we were determined to change. And Liquefy was the best place to finally have an excuse to branch out.

Known for their incredibly unique menu of pressed juices and smoothies we knew we would let ourselves down if we didn’t try some of the funny combinations. 

Anna had the ‘Liquefy’, a combination of coconut water, apple, coconut meat, pineapple, agave, lemon, mint, avocado and e3live (a type of blue-green algae). But don’t be put of by ingredients that you would usually see in a salad. This smoothie was tangy but sweet and had the distinctive taste of being good for you. 

No wonder its Liquefy’s signature drink.

Annie played it safe in comparison. But trust us, here ‘safe’ is by no means ‘boring’. She ordered the ‘Sail Away’. Made with coconut water, banana, pineapple, aloe-vera juice, ginger, mint and cinnamon, this drink was both comforting and refreshing. Though made with ingredients that are quite typical, this smoothie will by no means leave you disappointed. 

Goodness gracious were both of these satisfying. Is there really anything better than a guilt-free but mouth-watering brekky? Nope. Nothing. 

The food we had to accompany these thirst-quenchers was definitely just as amazing. We both ordered what we thought was a classic avocado on sourdough, however weren’t we surprised to find Liquefy’s great twist on the original.


Served with grilled haloumi and a mixture of spices and dukkah, it’s definitely close to being amongst the best avocado dishes in town. And let’s be honest guys, that’s saying something isn’t it!

Just take a closer look at this lip-smacking goodness…

FullSizeRender(11) copy

With its budget friendly menu and unique but oh-so-delicious drinks we have fallen in love with this joint. Definitely a breakfast spot of choice from now on! Our bank accounts might not like it, but we like to tell ourselves that its an investment into our health. 

With a variety of locations around the city there is no reason why this distinctive café shouldn’t become your local spot as well.

Screenshot 2015-02-24 17.17.52


5 thoughts on “Avo and Smoothies

  1. I love your blog, your posts are beautiful! I just followed you two, it would be great if we can support each other 🙂 I am so glad I got to discover you girls ❤


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