Lunch over Lectures

The reality of going to uni is very different from what our high schools selves imagined it to be.

After watching countless Hollywood movies on university life we expected to spend our semesters locked up in the library. Realistically this is what we should be doing. But you know what is so much more fun? Eating out.


The fact that our university is in the middle of the city, doesn’t make it much easier for us. Or our bank accounts. Don’t even get us started on shopping.

So on Monday we had a tough decision to make. Where on earth do we spend our two-hour break?

We knew we fancied lunch with a view. So we wandered down to the river where we stopped at the notorious River Bar and Kitchen.


It was a hot day. So the waterfront breeze that Riverbar captures was incredibly pleasant. The calm, cool and collected atmosphere was enjoyed by an eclectic group of customers.

Since our lecture finished early we arrived before the lunch menu was available. To pass the time and to shake off the humidity (why is it still so hot?!) we settled down to a freshly squeezed juice. Beetroot, pink grapefruit and carrot ($6.50), this juice was refreshing, earthy and left you feeling like you’d done you’re body a favour.


Midday soon came around and the lunch menu became available. Much to the delight of our ravenous selves. River bar offers an exciting lunchtime menu and it was difficult to choose what we wanted. It was an even harder deliberation when our neighboring tables began ordering an array of delicious looking plates. From the typical Australian fare of burgers to items with more Asian influences, everything looked delectable.


After much tossing and turning (and consideration of our dwindling funds).
Anna decided on the wood fired root vegetables. Which was flavorful and light. Definitely a guilt-free option.


Annie went a little heavier with crispy chicken tacos. The beautifully presented plate was tangy and indulgent, with the fried chicken cooked to utter perfection.


Our foodie friend had the calamari, she enjoyed it but felt it was missing a little something-something. Maybe a little extra spice next time?


We felt like Riverbar was the perfect place to get an effortlessly cool blogger shot.


We failed miserably.


We don’t think we will ever master it.

Overall Riverbar was a great way to break the tediousness of our 8-hour uni day.

We will definitely be back! We hear it is a great place for Saturday night drinks. And there is always a reason for that!

Screenshot 2015-02-24 17.17.52 


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