Tapas and Sangria

One of the most difficult things about having a small budget in the city is that it makes it so much more difficult to travel around. Oh how we wish we could afford the skyrocketing fuel prices and the exuberant cost of car parks. But we can’t. So for the time being we are spending a lot of time on buses.

Don’t get us wrong, we are all for public transport. It’s cost-effective and easy. But when you’re dressed to the nines, it’s human nature to wish you were in something a little fancier. To add to that the final destination is never where the bus stops, leaving you with no option but to hike to wherever it is you are going. Suffice to say, we were definitely thirsty and in need of a drink when we reached Melbourne Street Wine and Tapas Bar.


This cute little eatery, just out of the hub that is Southbank, is an up and coming restaurant in the Brisbane food scene. Situated along Melbourne Street, it is ideal place for dinner and drinks.

We had barely sat down before we ordered our must for the night. A jug of Sangria.

Now we have both ‘done’ Spain. So we have had our fair share of Sangria. But nothing, and we mean nothing, compares to this one.(This may be due to the fact that our previous experiences with Sangria was only sourced from Spanish grocery stores…)


We spent a bit more time working out what we wanted as dinner. This was an exceptionally hard choice, as we wanted everything. We finally settled on five items, at the waitress’s recommendation.

The risotto balls stuffed with pumpkin and coriander with a saffron aioli ($9) came out with the three cheese button mushrooms with bacon, garlic, parsley and honey balsamic ($10).


Then came the tempura zucchini flowers, stuffed with feta, sundried tomatoes and romesco ($10). Anna had been dreaming about this dish for the past couple of weeks so, obviously, we had high expectations. It didn’t disappoint.


Just when we thought the food couldn’t get any better, the showstoppers arrived.


We devoured the pistachio and herb crusted lamb cutlets and kipfler potatoes ($15).

2015-03-18 19.02.34

While the sesame seed soft shell crab with orange chili and mint ($12) was cooked to utter perfection.


For dessert, more cocktails.


To be honest we got a bit too silly for a Wednesday night…

All in all, our budgets won’t allow us to come hurrying back. But Melbourne Street Wine and Tapas Bar is the perfect place for a special meal and amazing drinks. Though you might be able to rock up without a reservation for the time being, word will spread and soon a table at this bar will be hard to come by. So take our advice. Grab a group of good friends and spend a night at the Melbourne Street Wine and Tapas Bar ASAP.

p.s. This. Place. Does. Breakfast.



We are wearing:


Skirt – H&M, Shoes – Topshop, Top – Country Road, Clutch – LGC Designs, Watch – The Fifth, Earrings – Bought in Paris


Dress – Seed, Belt – Vintage, Shoes – Bought in Madrid, Clutch – The Iconic, Watch – The Horse

Screenshot 2015-02-24 17.17.52


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