Doughnut Panic, We Are Back

We have been horrendous bloggers.

But doughnut worry, this post may just make you forgive us.


That’s right, we went to a hole in the wall establishment that sells doughnuts, doughnuts and more doughnuts.

Doughnuts are a funny topic between the two of us. On one hand you have me, who is a closeted doughnut fan who allows myself one doughnut every 5 years, otherwise I would go on a calorific rampage across the state of QLD consuming every sugarcoated morsel in existence.

Then you have Annie, who had never had a single doughnut in her life. Her entire life.

There was only one solution to this issue. The time had come for doughnuts. It was doughnut time.

Screenshot 2015-05-07 11.49.35

Since opening up as a spin off to the well-established Chester Street Bakery, Doughnut Time has become an obsession for Brisbane residents. You would think that we would get sick of our Instagram feeds being filled with their goodies, but it is quite the contrary. Brisbaner’s cannot get enough. And who could blame us; these are not your average doughnuts.

Source: Doughtnut Time's Instagram (@doughnut_time)

Source: Doughtnut Time’s Instagram (@doughnut_time)

We started with drinks. We opted for a root beer float, which was quite nice but paled in comparison to our other monstrosity of a drink. The Strawberry doughnut think shake. This is basically the greatest thing you will ever put into your mouth. Thick vanilla ice cream blended with a strawberry doughnut and topped with strawberries, cream and fairy floss. When ordering the drink we prepared ourselves for an onslaught of sugar, however much to our surprise the thick shake wasn’t overly sweet. We doughnut know how you managed it, but we applaud you doughnut time.


Then the moment you have all been waiting for. The doughnuts. Oh my, the doughnuts. We could tell you that we ordered so many because it was more photographic, but we would be lying. Prepare yourselves, there are some funny names… we ordered; Ya Bacon me Crazy, Planting the Seed, The Butternut, The Crème De Le Crème, At the Drive-In and Cast-Away.


We tucked into the Ya Bacon Me Crazy, The Butternut and the Crème De Le Crème. The Butternut, filled with pistachio flavored goodness was a firm favorite. But they were all pretty darn good.

I think our faces say it all.

IMG_0989 2

Doughnut mess around, if you are in Brisbane do yourself a favorite and go this weekend. If you aren’t, give their instagram (@doughnut_time) a follow and torment yourself while scrolling through their luscious photos. I dare you.

P.S- we really are truly sorry for our lack of posting lately. We hope you forgive us!

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